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Title (Un)necessary
Fandom Cinderella Unni
Pairings/Main Characters ref to canon Eunjo/Kihoon, Eunjo, Hyosun's father
Rating Gen
Summary Set just before end of ep4, before the timeskip. Eunjo dealing with Kihoon leaving, her relationship with her stepfather. Boxing. Vague spoilers, nothing major/specific.

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 thanks for reading! comments and concrit much loved.

yama #5

Do not kiss ( Hidarime Tantei EYE)

Title: “DO NOT KISS”
Summary: Sayama Sensei definitely has an intense attraction for prohibited things.
Pairing: Ainosuke x Sayama Sensei (Hidarime Tantei EYE)
Spoilers: Reference to the SP's ending, maybe? :3

Rating: PG
First time posting! Hope you like it!

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MASS EFFECT: vanguard charge

Gokusen: untitled zombie!crackfic

Title: [untitled zombie crack!fic]
Author: anenko
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Ah ha ha. That is to say, not a one.
Summary: Hordes of the shuffling, moaning undead were laying siege to Shirokin.
Disclaimers: Gokusen in no way, shape or form belongs to me.

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