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Nodame Cantabile (Methodology)

Title: Methodology
Pairing: ChiakixNodame
Author: gogomoksori
Rating: PG-ish
Spoilers: None

Because I missed them and I adore them. ^^

“Chiaki senpai~”

Chiaki leaned forward to scratch a mark onto the piano sheet in front of him. Sticking the pencil behind his ear, he played the beginning of the piece with his usual exact precision.

“Chiaki senpai~”

Being the skilled musician he was, he could pick out the differences in her vocal notes as well as he could pick out the differences in his piano. A few feet closer, an octave lower. Her hot breath tickled the back of his throat as she draped herself over his back in her usual slouching manner.

Being the skilled musician he was, he flung her off and carried on playing with no interruption to the perfection of his piece.

A moment later, he heard quiet footsteps shuffle away.

He was in the kitchen, mixing himself a cold drink. The last few hours of practice had left him with a slight soreness in his back.

“Chiaki senpai~”

He felt those lecherous hands on his back, rubbing at his neck. He felt her body weight as she leaned closer, felt her hot breath on the back of his neck.

A muscle in his jaw twitched; since moving in with her, that muscle was being exercised far too often. He was in no mood for her disturbing attempts at seduction.

He turned around, sharp words ready to spring from his tongue –

She was back in the caked makeup and pink feather boa, and was smiling at him in that perverted way. Before he could escape, she grasped the collar of his shirt with both hands, leaned forward and puckered her lips. Grabbing her by the boa, he dragged her to the bathroom, washed her face in the sink and stalked off.

Chiaki stood next to his piano, frowning at his meticulous apartment. His piano score definitely wasn’t here anymore. He didn’t even need to think about this one; there was only one place it could be.

Without knocking, he barged through the door that led into Nodame’s part of the apartment, yelling her name –

She was sitting at her piano, his piano sheet in front of her. He stood frozen as the notes of his own creation wafted over him. She was submerged in it, biting at her lower lip in that smile she wore when she played something for no reason other than to play. She came to his favourite part in his own composition, and her smile grew wider. She had modified it slightly: lost some of his precision, added some of her whimsy.

Without realising, he moved forward until he was standing over the oblivious girl. Reaching out, he stopped her hand with his own.

She looked up. Seeing that it was him, she beamed in pleasure. “Senpai!”

Then she looked down at his hand, still tightly clutching her wrist. Then she looked at the piano sheet. Then she looked back up at him in panic. Standing up, she knocked the sheet off the piano stand as she started babbling noisily.

“Senpai! I didn’t mean to take your work! It’s senpai’s composed piece and I wanted to feel senpai because senpai never lets me feel him…”

Her voice travelled through one ear and out the other. Chiaki simply stared. She was wearing a dark pink silk nightgown with frilly straps that showed off her delicate shoulders. He walked closer and she backed away, still babbling.

“Don’t yell at me, senpai! I was only playing-“

She came up against the wall. He still hadn’t said a word. Reaching out a hand, he gently touched the frills on one of her shoulder straps, letting his fingers touch her soft skin where they would. Nodame shut up.

“Sen- senpai?”

His eyes roamed her face. She was confused, a little worried. A short laugh fell from his throat; she wasn’t thinking any perverted thoughts at all.

His fingers travelled up to grasp the back of her neck. He pulled her head so that their faces were a slight touch apart, and held her gaze.

Her breath hitched in her throat. Her eyelashes fluttered like anxious bird wings and Chiaki’s hunger increased with every flutter.

He tilted his head, half-closed his eyes and breathed the words softly into her mouth.

“This is seduction.”

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