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Jin-Ae Jung

Kuchibiru ( Kurosagi )

Title: Kuchibiru
Fandom: Kurosagi
Pairing: Tsurara x Kurosaki
Rating: PG I guess :3
Summary: After his family's tragedy no thoughts of love had ever crossed his mind.Until now.

How long had it been since he had last kissed a girl? Kurosaki truly couldn’t remember nor even cared. After his family's tragedy no thoughts of love had ever crossed his mind. Hellbent on revenge as he was, the last thing he needed was a damsel in distress holding him back or whining about his questionable ways of justice. He had erected various walls around his heart and had successfully banished all romantic urges from his body and mind.

Until now…

Kurosaki had been absent for a couple of days and Tsurara was questioning him relentlessly. Her countenance was stern and a pink flush of anger had appeared on her cheeks as the bickering ensued at his very doorstep. His law abiding neighbor made him think and feel things he would rather bury in the dark recesses of his mind before having them overriding his nerves of steel. Tsurara was annoying, she meddled in his affairs, she was beautiful. Yes, he thought she was beautiful despite her fragile, child-like frame and her eyes often glazed by a heartache Kurosaki felt responsible for. However, what mortified him the most were her lips. Every time she began to lecture him about the righteous ways of justice, he eyed her lips discreetly, half listening, half wondering how they would feel against his. Of course, during such occasions he quickly regained his focus and never failed to throw a snide remark in her direction to push her away. Today was no different.

“What did you expect me to do, Yoshida? Send you a telegram?”, he asked rolling his eyes. “No chance! I have far more important things to do than reporting to you”.

“I know that!”, replied the girl sounding exasperated. “However, you could have mentioned you would be gone for a couple of days. That way I…”, her voice faltered and Kurosaki knew she was trying to find the best words to coat her real feelings, “I-I would have fed the cat!”. The young swindler let out a snort.

“What? You always feed MY cat anyways. What a poor excuse, Yoshida. It is clear you are just keen on controlling me like a jealous woman”, he replied, a hint of disgust in his voice.

“What!?”, Tsurara cried, her cheeks turning redder. “I’m not trying to control you! I-I was just”, she trailed off, her lower lip quivering as she avoided his gaze. “I was worried about you…!”

An awkward silence filled the air between them and Kurosaki pondered why he suddenly felt touched and guilty at the same time. He owed no explanations to her and yet…

“How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t need your sympathy? Forget about me and mind your own business”, he replied harshly.

Tsurara raised her eyes to him and Kurosaki had to look away. “What now?”, he spat, feeling uncomfortable. Her eyes were bright, too bright and her lips were parted, welcoming.

“N-Nothing,” she replied with a sad smile. “Sorry to bother you”, she turned around and began looking for her keys to escape into her apartment, but Kurosaki lunged forward, grabbing her wrist before she could turn the door knob.


She gazed at him, taken aback by his sudden reaction. ”H-Hai?”

“I told you to stop liking me, Yoshida”, Kurosaki murmured, “But you keep on spouting all that…that useless sentimental nonsense!”

“It’s not nonsense!”, the girl protested. “I know you don’t care about my feelings but that doesn’t mean they have no value. Is that what you think? You think that emotions are useless?”

“They are bothersome, just like you are, Yoshida.”

“It’s Yoshikawa!”, she cried. Holding back her tears, she tried to push Kurosaki out of the way, but he closed on her, trapping her petite frame between his body and the door. Tsurara mumbled his name in confusion, but Kurosaki reached out to stroke her cheek and closed the distance between them without further hesitation. Her mouth responded to him with the warmth he had yearned for, soft, sweet…he nibbled on her lower lip and she obliged with a sigh, allowing him to explore the expanse of her lips and beyond while his hands held onto her waist possessively.

Feeling breathless, he broke the kiss and buried his head in Tsurara’s shoulder, the sweet scent of her perfume invading his nostrils. Vanilla, isn't it? So fitting for her. Her arms encircled his back and she rested her head against his chest. They remained in silence for a while, finding comfort in each other’s embrace and the young swindler wondered if he could go back to being the same man from five minutes ago.

“You talk too much, Yoshikawa”, he whispered into her ear. “Next time I’m gone, I will call you”

When Kurosaki let go of her, Tsurara looked up at him in silence, her cheeks flushed and her lips curved into a timid smile. The traces of heartache were gone from her eyes and with them, one ice wall encasing the swindler’s heart also melted away. This would do for now. Perhaps refusing to drag her further into his personal hell was his own sacrifice in the name of love.

“Well I have to go. Mata ne”, he said in a low voice.

Tsurara smiled at him one last time and whispered a soft “iterasshai” at his retreating back.

END :3
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